Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blog Note

Posting will be lighter than usual the next two days, as I'm going to be attending the Clinton Global Initiative's CGI America, which is the Clinton Global Initiative's first conference focusing on the US' economic needs.

I'm really excited to be going. I may do some live-blogging and/or live-tweeting, but I'm probably more likely to take a lot of notes and then do a follow-up post afterward. I'm expecting to be absolutely overwhelmed with information, which is pretty much my favorite thing in the world.

In any case, you can follow the happenings on Twitter, or watch the plenary sessions live at the CGI America webcast. Highlights, news, and photos from CGI America will also be shared on the CGI Facebook page.

My governor, Mitch Daniels, is one of the speakers on Thursday. That should be fun. I can't wait to hear about ALL HIS GOOD IDEAS to help the US economy!