Monday, June 27, 2011

Carol Brady Got Crabs!

Florence Henderson admits to seeing those creatures crawling around her precious flower after sleeping with a NYC mayor (not recently). Talk about TMI! Now I have an image in my head that won't leave. And, damn you, Flo, for giving me such juicy dirt that I have to read the entire memoir. Who else did she boink? [aside: learned from Alison Arngrim that Half-Pint bedded Billy Idol, as revealed in her book]

Goddessless Charlie Sheen will be back on TV doing some version of what he did on 2 and 1/2 Men, though I'm not sure how relevant this is to our viewing needs. His day in the sun might be over and I'm grateful.

Michelle Bachman is running for president. I find her less bubbleheaded than Sarah Palin, but boy, I wouldn't vote for her. Wouldn't it be nice to have a more open-minded female prez candidate, someone who might walk in the gay pride parade?

Really, there is no news today. Most exciting was reading what Jennifer Aniston ate with Justin Theroux on her double-date with Jason Bateman and his wife: arugula salad, shared pasta with Justin, chicken paillard and sorbet. Even Dish doesn't eat that much. I would have just had the chicken and a tiramisu. Sorbet is bullsh*t.