Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Albany Times-Union:
State leaders have the framework of an agreement on end of session issues -- a property tax cap, rent control, state university tuition -- but the deal does not appear to include an agreement on same-sex marriage. [Emphasis mine]
"There's a framework by which we plan to end session," [Rep. Sheldon] Silver, D-Manhattan, said. "We will be developing with the conference, over the next several hours, the various areas that are important to close down session and hopefully complete session as quickly as possible."


The "framework" includes a 2 percent cap on local property taxes, renewal of rent regulations, a plan to gradually increase SUNY tuition, provide a measure of relief for local mandates and set up a program providing low-cost power for economic development purposes.
Whatever. Just fuckin' whatever, dudes.

ETA: Given the Democrats' relative power in New York State, you'd think they would have the courage to return the Republicans' power politics by refusing to sign the Upstate/Long Island Republicans' disastrous property tax cap unless gender-neutral marriage also passed. Of course, that property tax cap is Cuomo's pet, which makes perfect sense when you consider that he hates public employees, government, and education like all the posh Democrats do these days.

Still, I applaud the Democratic party for doing what it takes to make it look like they give two shits about social justice issues. I'm almost tempted to mail them a check in exchange for their first-rate posturing, but...... no.

Update 2. 4:21PM: I've been following the local media in Central New York, and AFAICT, nobody knows what's going to happen on Wednesday. "A framework by which we plan to end session" tends to imply that Speaker Silver is planning to head home, but I've also heard that there are negotiations going on about Jesus. In any case, an actual vote on the marriage bill isn't just going to happen in the absence of a backroom deal, because Robert Moses, no doy.