Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mitsubishi ASX

Mitsubishi Manufacturers not only successfully produce electric cars through the i-MiEV strongest. Japanese car manufacturers were also successfully produced the strongest new car. Mitsubishi's new car is the ASX.

In a trial conducted safety Euro NCAP 2011, the European version of Mitsubishi ASX managed to get 5 stars like detikOto quotes from Mitsubishi's official website on Thursday (24/02/2011)

Mitsubishi ASX proven to protect the passenger when the car is hit from front, side and rear. The car is also proven to keep children's safety from impact and also protect pedestrians from bad cider.

Advantages of the Mitsubishi ASX is a safety net called the Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE). With it, ASX body is safe from any conflicts from the outside.

Other factors that cause the Mitsubishi ASX was asked as a car with high-quality level of safety that is equipped with the system features a safety belt pretensioners.

Sharing the same evocative "Kawasemi Blue" color recognition, the new Mitsubishi ASX is a valuable interpretation of the Concept-CX show car, unveiled at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, whose success MMC convince management to turn it into a full production car.

Again by nearly 20 cm (4.295 m vs. 4.11 m concept), slightly higher (+ 6.5cm) and wider (+ 2 cm), and featured more upright tailgate all for the sake of optimum packaging, Mitsubishi ASX shares remain Concept -cx is the basic design theme as well as passenger cars as solid stance.

Suggested by the "Jet Fighter" grille gaping - a nod to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. 's F-2 fighter jets and now features the trademark for nearly all Mitsubishi Motors vehicles in Europe on the road (Colt, Lancer and Outlander) - This car-like "attitude" is a key direction for Mitsubishi designers: unencumbered by marketing pressures to simulate the look of an SUV through heavy detailing (not necessarily with the Pajero / Montero / Shogun and L200 are already in the range ...), they further developed their own vocabulary concept-cx towards a "sports hatch" less polarizing yet sharp, expressive and finely executed with proper presence & substance.

Maintaining a concept-cx "compact wedge" that the concept of design with a thrusting side character lines, they optimized the overall shape, making the best use of the long wheelbase of 14.5 inches (2.67 m vs 2.525 m) to create a silhouette of a lower and more balanced by better integration of the wheel arches menggembung.Dengan Thus, the roofline is now flowing toward the rear of the car to improve aerodynamic performance (Cd: 0.32) and further highlight the dynamic profile.

At the front, the Jet Fighter grille appears identical with the Lancer or Outlander itu.Namun, now framed in the clip looks more substantial, its own merger with sculptured hood featuring a double bulge: This serves a dual purpose to contribute to the safety of pedestrians better, though short overhangs, and also to make the body more visible to drivers, improving maneuverability around town.

At the rear, the aim is both to lower and broaden the silhouette, while avoiding any chunkiness resulting from the short overhangs, the sharp aerodynamic lip at the bottom of the backlight lamps, a sleek combination of sloping and wide trapezoidal license plate recess running in between.

Dynamic quality

Inside, the concept of a sharp, sporty elegance continues with a clear emphasis on the form, trim and materials used to fantasize instead of endless pursuit of SUV's.

Consistent with the exterior, the cabin Mitsubishi ASX reflects a clear sense of "dynamic quality" as expressed through hooded meter cluster together with Outlander, soft padding around the center instrument panel itself extending to the door trim or silver accents carefully applied to both sides of the audio system or along door panels.

At the same time, stuff like circled round module chrome shift lever, motorcycle inspiration to both silver accents both sides of the console and for the meter.

Logically, texturing and materials are selected to achieve a touch of the same rights and penampilan.Meskipun color scheme is based on the monotone black interior, use contrasting textures and materials are made to generate dynamism.

In this regard, particular attention is given to soft trim to the area touched by this penghuni.Hal led to the development of a new type of two-tone textured padding with contrastive undulations to feel, sporty smart.

The same approach applies for the seat upholstery in which Mitsubishi designers and their partners from the textile industry created a new woven material arise to add to the overall sense of sporty dynamic quality, while adding drama to the 3D visual understated black interior.