Thursday, June 23, 2011

Must-Read: "Planned Parenthood Stops Seeing Medicaid Patients"

Just go read the whole thing.

As I noted on Tuesday, anti-choicers are making arguments like, "[Planned Parenthood has] made it clear what their priority is. They wouldn't stop providing abortions even in the interim to keep the women's health services," and state Republicans are making arguments like, "If [Planned Parenthood] wants to receive taxpayer money, they can simply stop practicing abortion," in order to try to spin this defunding horseshit as Planned Parenthood's responsibility.

But the women (and men) who use Planned Parenthood aren't fooled. They want access to abortion, and they want access to Planned Parenthood, which means they don't want Planned Parenthood to trade away abortion services in exchange for funding.

Indiana conservatives are banking on low-income women being stupid. That is a very bad bet.