Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by Shaxco, proud makers of Lissie's Lint Traps.

Recommended Reading:

Jen: [TW for racism; body policing] Gawker Reports Mark Zuckerberg's Engaged, Which Leads to a Discussion of What's Wrong with Asian Women, Naturally

Gemma: [TW for transphobia; references to sexual predation] Flushing the Potty Panic

Rachel: [TW for heterocentrism] I'm Still Bisexual Even Though I'm Dating a Guy

Andy: Six GLAAD Board Members Resign

Pam: [TW for homophobia] Huntsman Walking It Back: 'Redefining Marriage Is Something That Would Be Impossible'

Mustang Bobby: Pale Blue Dot

Leave your links and recommendations in comments...