Monday, July 18, 2011

"Slap A Bi*ch" Contest

*Meeting Called To Order*

Have you ever wondered why our young folks are so violent towards each other?
Have you ever wondered why they're filled with such anger and hostility?
Have you ever watched the local news or read the paper and said to yourself,
"Some black kids just don't know HOW to act!"
You haven't!?
Well, I have! 
A few weeks ago, I was watching the BET "Music" Awards. I don't know why, but I was.
During the commercial breaks, a local nightclub was promoting their new club event.

I think the commercial went a little something like this:
Ladies, do you want to make some money?
Has someone been getting on your nerves lately?
Is there a chick you been wanting to slap but haven't because you're afraid you might get in trouble?
Well, tell that bi*ch to meet you this Wednesday night for the "Slap A Bi*ch" contest.
That's wasn't verebatim but it was pretty darn close.
You think I'm making this up?
Ok, see it for yourself:
(profanity and very graphic)

 (I'll give you a few minutes to pick your jaw up off the floor)
You good?
Ok, check this out:
 If you see a commerical like this being advertised in your city, please contact your local city council member, Mayor or whoever, and ask them to intervene to end this savage like behavior.

(bangs gavel on the table)
Meeting adjourned!