Saturday, July 23, 2011

Black Tea Party Members Take On The NAACP

Black tea party members are planning to protest the NAACP at their 102nd convention this weekend in Los Angeles. The reasons: To stop the NAACP from committing genocide in the black community by supporting Planned Parenthood and to protest their OUTRAGE about the NAACP calling the tea party movement racist.
And we ALL know these great Americans aren't racist, right?

Give me a freakin' break!
 Honestly, I hate going down this road but these people sickened me to my stomach. I have no problem with black people being conservatives, voting for Republicans or having a different point of view politically. But when you have a movement of people who are openly racist and you defend them, that makes you worse than the slave catchers who used to hunt down runaway slaves for their masters. Some of them were forced to do it, but some did it because they wanted to show their masters that they were "good negroes"..........or as Herman Cain and Allen West likes to put it........... "not like the rest of them".
And that's exactly how I view black tea party members.