Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CALIFORNIA: Haters To Begin Petition Drive To Overturn Gay History Bill

Anti-gay forces in California have been granted permission to begin gathering the petition signatures to place a repeal of the LGBT history bill on the June 2012 ballot. Via Karen Ocamb:
SB 48 is a natural extension of Harvey Milk Day, requiring public schools to stop discriminating against LGBT people by rendering the LGBT minority invisible in public education. The bill requires schools to start teaching about LGBT history and contributions starting Jan. 1, 2012. Inclusion in California textbooks has been deferred until 2015 because of the economy. If CRI’s “coalition” gathers 504,000 valid signatures by mid-October and does qualify – the initiative would be placed on the June 2012 ballot. That’s the date for the Primary in California and CRI’s Republican base accounts for 30% of registered voters in California. Theoretically, that means the initiative would have to pass with heavy support from Independents and Democrats.