Thursday, July 14, 2011

Daily Dose of Cute

series of pictures of Dudley licking a spoon with peanut butter on it
[Click to embiggen.]

Dudley's favorite thing ever is the Peanut Butter Spooooooooooooon! When he's hears the sound of my twisting the cap off the peanut butter jar, he comes running into the kitchen so fast that he has, on multiple occasions, slid and crashed right into the side of the counter. "I'M HERE! I'M FINE! WHAT? NO, REALLY! IT'S JUST A FLESH WOUND! GIVE ME PEANUT BUTTER PLEEEEEEEEASE!"

And he will stand and lick the peanut butter spoon in this completely zen state for as long as I will indulge him, even well after every last molecule of peanut butter is gone.

Have I mentioned I love this dog? I love this dog.