Saturday, July 23, 2011

MSNBC Is Considering Giving Rev. Al His Own Show

While I would love to see more people of color given an opportunity in primetime on cable networks, I don't agree with the move. Not because I have anything against Rev. Al, but because I see this for what it is; a token gesture.
Let me explain:
CNN recently fired Elliot Spitzer and replaced him with E.D. Hill. For those of you who don't know who E.D. Hill is, she's the former FOX "News" anchor who once characterized Barack and Michelle's fist bump as a "terrorist" fist bump.....she later said she was only repeating what others had called it. (yeah, right)

 "Why would CNN hire a former FOX "news" anchor when they have T.J. Holmes and Don Lemon already on staff?"

That's the question I think members of the NAACP were asking when they threatened to protest the network for a lack of diversity in primetime.
Realizing they could be next on the NAACP "protest list", MSNBC hired the one person who would probably make the most noise, Rev. Al Sharpton. I like Rev. Al and listen to his radio show every chance I get, but there is no way he should have a television show on MSNBC. That should go to Tamron Hall, Eugene Robinson, Marc Lamont Hill, or somebody else.

Just my opinion............