Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Must-Read: "BMW Layoffs Exemplify the Evisceration of the Middle Class"

BMW layoffs exemplify the evisceration of the middle class:
Every working American should be dismayed by — and afraid of — what BMW is doing.

These employees exemplified the best qualities of the American worker. They devoted their working lives to BMW, at a time when it was building and solidifying its U.S. beachhead. Their wages, with benefits, paid for a reasonable middle-class lifestyle if they managed it carefully. Throw in the job security they were encouraged to expect, and they had the confidence to make sacrifices and investments that contributed to the economy for the long term, like college education for the kids, an addition on the house, a new baby. Then one day they were handed a mass pink slip, effective in a matter of weeks.
The Corporation rules all. Just go read the whole thing.