Saturday, July 16, 2011

Neo Soul Saturday

Those of you who have been Board of Directors for a while, know I love Neo Soul. In my opinion, Neo Soul is the only vibe of music that can save R&B, because today's R&B has officially turned into B&S.

This week we're spotlighting Kimberly Nichole.
Some of you saw her on the BET Awards wearing a ballerina dress.(Yeah, I know-it DID look crazy but that's her style).
But regardless if you were feeling the ballerina dress or not, this girl can SANG! 
Check out her bio then check out her performance from a couple of years ago in Atlanta. I was in the audience that night and this girl put on a show!
Expect BIG things from her in the very near future.

*This is the bio is courtesy of Soul Tracks. Check them out at

**Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, the city that spawned legends Jimi Hendrix and Quincy Jones, Kimberly'Nichole has always had a talent for music and lyrics. She began singing as a toddler, learning to play the clarinet at ten and writing songs before she even hit her teens. Motivated to experience life outside of her hometown after high school, she enrolled at Atlanta, Georgia's Spelman College, one of the top liberal arts institutions of higher learning for women.
Atlanta provided Kimberly'Nichole an opportunity for academic growth, but simultaneously fueled her passion and flair for music. Her personality and energy have brought out the best in bands of all genres. She's complimented the likes of hip hop/R&B band, Sol Factor and the ol' school soul sounds of The Heit Band. Part of her allure is due in part to her exceptional writing ability. When you combine vibrant vocals with a penchant for going against the grain, you gain the musical stylings of the dynamic soul stirring songstress known as Kimberly'Nichole.