Monday, July 25, 2011

Photo of the Day

two women in the bleachers at a game holding up a sign reading EXPEL RAPISTS

In September, I wrote about [trigger warning for sexual violence] the case of two Michigan State University basketball players who were accused of taking turns sexually assaulting a woman for nearly an hour in their dorm room. Despite corroboration by one assailant of the complainant's story, they were never prosecuted and retained their places on the team.

Above, the Friendly Neighborhood Curmudgeon unfurls a sign at a game reading: EXPEL RAPISTS.
Two MSU basketball players raped a woman in the dorms then one admitted to it. Their only consequence was that they had to move out of the dorms. This picture is of me and one other woman holding up this banner during Midnight Madness. Two other brave souls had a banner on the other side for a while before some jerk started playing tug or war with them over it. This was taken before we got booed at by 10,000 people and police escorted from the stadium.
Brava. o.oP