Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quote of the Day

"I'm running for the presidency of the United States, and I'm here today to talk about job creation, and also the fact that we do have a business that deals with job creation. We're very proud of the business that we created."Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Idiculous), responding to being asked if reparative therapy is conducted in the therapy center that she co-owns with and is run by her husband, Dr. Marcus Bachmann.

Pressed again, Bachmann replied, "Well, I'm here to talk about my run for the presidency of the United States. As I said, again, we're very proud of our business and we're proud of all job creators in the United States. That's what people really care about."

Whooooooooops! No, I'm pretty sure people actually care about whether you are making money off of "therapies" sought by people who are ashamed (or whose families are ashamed) of who they are because of institutional hatred of homosexuality and LGB people, a hatred culturally and legally promoted by you as an avowed anti-gay legislator who supports federal anti-gay legislation.

Apart from being evidence of your well-documented lack of decency, Rep. Bachmann, one might suggest that's also what the kids call a "conflict of interest."

Also: LULZ at your pride for "all job creators in the United States." Cool. I hope you'll donate to national job-creator Planned Parenthood, then, so they can HIRE MORE PEOPLE!