Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weekly 6 Day Workout Split For Triathlete or Distance Runner

45 Minute Jog
45 Minute Swim

Foam Roll
3.5-4 Mile Run
Foam Roller + Stretch
Foam Roller
30 Minutes ArcTrainer w/Arms
30 Minutes Bike
Foam Roller + Stretch

Warmup: Foam Roller + 5 Minutes ArcTrainer w/arms Resistance 25-28
Circuit 1:
2 Minutes Boxing at heavy bag
Twisting Crunches on Stability Ball 15 on each
Quadripeds (arm and opposite leg raises) on Stability Ball 2 second holds, 8 reps each
Tricep Dips off step, stair, or treadmill
3 Minutes Cardio Wave Machine (Side to Side) "Effort Level" of 12
Circuit 2:
3 Minutes Overhand Cardio Row Machine
Single Arm Dumbbell Row w/ 15 lb dumbbell in lunge position no bench support
Kettlebell Swings with 8kg kettlebell
Wide Squats holding 8kg kettlebell (just holding it in front of you for extra resistance)
Leg Raises on Roman Chair / Tricep Dip Stand
Mountain Climbers on upside down BoSu ball (20 on each leg)
Circuit 3:
3 Minutes Underhand Cardio Row Machine
Russian Twists with 5 lb plate (20 taps on each side)
Single Leg Hip Bridge 10 on each leg
Alternating heel taps 20 taps on each side
Plank with alternating leg raises 8 on each
Partial Tricep Dips on Dip Stand / Roman Chair machine (use legs/jump for help)
Circuit 4:
3 Minutes ArcTrainer (1.5 Minutes Hands Free, 1.5 Minutes Lean Forward + Arms)
Chest Press machine 12 Reps  Each Grip Vertical and Horizontal Grip (35 lbs)
Lat Pulldown Machine 8 Reps Each Forward, Palms Facing Each Other, & Reverse 55 lbs 
Leg Press 160-180 lbs Knees start at 90 degrees flexion
Minutes Stairclimber
Cooldown: 5 Minutes Stairmaster + Foam Roller + Stretch

Foam Roller
4-4.5 Mile Run
Foam Roller + Stretch

Foam Roll
Sprint Intervals
Foam Roll + Stretches

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