Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chess in Venezuela

Dear friends of the world

We send a warm greeting from Barquisimeto, Venezuela, this email send it within the 1st International Chess Festival Tribute to MI Winston Boada to be held on Saturday August 27 this year, this in order that may be published in the prestigious website (both in Spanish and Anglo-Saxon version, so we sent the note in Spanish, English and a summary Russian).

Additionally, we refer the poster autographed by Winston Boada International Master (Tribute). Our mutual friend Leontxo Garcia will also be part of this great feast of chess burgundy, which dictate the conference "journey through the fascinating world of chess," as well join in the meeting with the Media of Venezuela.

Attached image drawn on this occasion, like a triptych, where the curriculum Leontxo and Trademark Office (Records) that distinguish us from any tournament in our country (probably in Latin America as well).

The curriculum vitae of M.I. Winston Boada annexed it and the names and positions of the people that make up the organizing committee of that chess event.

Our website has a significant presence in the various social networks through the Internet, which is our official contact "Radar Vinotinto".

Another aspect is the cash award to be presented in order to give the place of honor they deserve our chess with a worthy award that celebrates our beloved discipline. The total is 240,000.00 Bolivares (54 000 $ payable to the change in national currency) divided into 150 000 Bolivares for Men and 90 000 Bolivares for women.

Due to the high award and support ever seen for the female line, we have a record of over 120 ladies.