Thursday, August 4, 2011

Evil Homosexuals Are Winning Over America Through Television

Yesterday GLAAD released their annual assessment of LGBT portrayals on network television, declaring that ABC Family was the best place to find positive gay characters and plots. Right on cue, the Southern Baptist Convention is expressing its disgust.
Dwayne Hastings, a vice president at the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, agreed that TV has shaped the culture, but not for the better. Hastings said parents should instill strong morals and stand on biblical truth, which condemns homosexuality. "For families who seek to follow Christ and earnestly live out their faith, there is nothing happy in this report," Hastings said. "Those who push for so-called homosexual rights and lobby for same-sex interests ... have a powerful ally with deep pockets in the entertainment industry who are more than willing to use their media to recast the homosexual lifestyle as normative."

He added, "Unfortunately, many Americans are willing to allow Hollywood to manipulate their perspective on the world." Said Hastings, "The reality is that if we were to publish the same kind of report that GLAAD has produced but instead focus on the presence of evangelical Christians on television, it would be a very short report. But few are concerned about the lack of accurate, portrayal of Bible-believing characters on television or in the movies. "Whether we want to admit it or not, there is a well-financed and detailed plan at work to change Americans' opinions on those who practice homosexual and lesbian lifestyles. Given reports like this one, we can tell it is a very effective plan."
There's a lack of "Bible-believing characters" on television? I coulda sworn my cable system vomits out about about two dozen ALL-Christian channels. In multiple languages.