Saturday, August 20, 2011

MADRID: Police Bust Man Claiming Plot To "Kill Queers" At Anti-Papal Protest

"I have hydrochloric acid and 50 bottles of benzyl bromide, with that we can make a good asphyxiating mixture. We have less than eight days to get organised, to kill queers and in the name of God. Come on mates, we need some fertilizer, I repeat we do not need money, just bring fertilizer, naptha, gunpowder or matches or a lighter will do. The only aim is to kill these dirty queers. On their anti-pope march is a good time to get them together and impale them and then burn them as queers." - Jose Alvano Perez Bautista, a Mexican national studying in Madrid.

Here's the news story about Bautista's arrest.
A Mexican chemistry student accused by police of plotting a gas attack on anti-papal protesters said he only meant it as a "joke" and has been released from jail, a court said Thursday. Spain's National Court said in a written ruling that 24-year-old Jose Alvano Perez Bautista's comments on an Internet page could result in charges of making aggravated or even terrorist threats. The student, who was among 30,000 volunteers for World Youth Day celebrations led by Pope Benedict XVI, is accused of making threats on a page of online newspaper La Voz Libre (The Free Voice). Spanish police had originally accused him of actually plotting a gas attack on the protesters. "Obviously, this is a reduction in the level of crime because they did not find elements that could constitute hazardous tools for action," Mexican embassy spokesman Bernardo Graue told AFP.
Bautista claims that his threats were only meant to incite fear and reduce attendance at the anti-Pope protests. He is a volunteer organizer for the Pope's visit.