Saturday, August 13, 2011

Marriage and Bebes and Whizzing

Stupid News: I've witnessed drunk people doing stupid things (like one famous, respected person vomiting all over walls of our house) but US Ski Team member Robert Vietze drunkenly peed on a girl during a JetBlue flight. This would be giggleworthy in a movie starring Billy Bob Thornton.

Great News: Tina Fey popped and named her daughter Penelope Athena. AWESOME! Un peu Greek maybe? Joy Behar married her BF of 29 years. Jeez, you think they'd wait to get to know each other a little. David Charvet and Brooke Burke are married, so is Sherri Shepherd. Next week, Kim Kardashian will be sealing herself to that tall boy--who looks like he's 12--forever.

Okay News: Chaz Bono has grown a beard. So have I. I mean, no I haven't. Women never have hairs in places where they don't belong. Daniel Baldwin took back his unruly ex and dropped the divorce. Makeup sex can be very powerful but the afterglow doesn't last forever. You know this, don't you, Daniel?

Another missing woman in Aruba. Poor Robyn Gardner. Creepy story.