Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Ridiculous Lying Lies From The Lie-Tastic Liars At Lying NOM

Local activists in gay-gay-gay Wilton Manors, Florida threatened to stage a boycott after a local business group invited virulently anti-gay Rep. Allen West to speak at one of their meetings. Under pressure, the business group rescinded their invitation to West. Story over? Nope. The unrepentant and inventive liars at NOM are trying to escalate this little low-level bit of local theater into some kind of rallying cry about HOMOFASCISTS shutting down debate. In fact, a casual glance at NOM's blog headlines and tweets on this story give the impression that West has suffered personal, physical intimidation and/or threats.

As usual, when boycotts work AGAINST the Christianists, they are "intimidation" and "homofascism" and "harassment." When THEY boycott, that is GOD'S PLAN, people.

RELATED: NOM has a public relations firm on call to field media inquiries about this "outrageous attack on Rep. West."