Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Recommended Reading


Something that you should know about me is that I love Retta. She is very funny, and this is a good interview with her!

And here are DC Comics' Dan DiDio and Jim Lee promising "exciting news about new projects with women creators in the coming months" in response to the criticisms at ComicCon about their lack of female creators. It's always reassuring when it takes a huge blow-up to get two dudes to say they'll address a wild gender imbalance, and even then they insist on naming virtually all the female creators and characters they support, as some sort of evidence of diversity, despite the fact that THEY CAN NAME THEM ALL BECAUSE THEY CONSTITUTE SUCH A SMALL AND EXCEPTIONAL PIECE OF THEIR BUSINESS.

Meanwhile, over at Fox News, their resident anti-birth control "expert," Family PAC Federal Vice President Sandy Rios, wonders: "We're $14 trillion in debt and now we're going to cover birth control, breast pumps, counseling for abuse? Are we going to do pedicures and manicures as well?" Totes the same!