Sunday, August 14, 2011

Star Sighting--Rhea Perlman!!!

3:15 pm, between 18th and 19th on Seventh Avenue. I crawled my way home after a run and saw Carla from Cheers, pulling her hood over her face to deflect the rain. Love her! Would she have cared if I'd told her how much Born to Run by Christopher MacDougall was inspiring me? Maybe not.

Lots o' procreatin' and recreatin': Can you believe Hillary Duff is preggo? I'm shocked they'd let a sixteen-year-old have sex. Oh wait...maybe she's aged since The Perfect Man starring her and Heather Locklear (who got engaged this weekend). Partying aficionado Tara Reid got married hours after being engaged to Zack Kehayov. Efficient! Jessica Alba popped out a girl.

Today's Douchefest: Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry are thoroughly running for Prez. Bachmann is way smarter than Palin but, yish, she answered very few of David Gregory's questions on Meet The Press. Does she not realize how antiquated her views are? And Rick Perry's syrup fulfilled my sugar quota for the day. Americans must be smart enough to see through both of them. I don't see a single viable candidate anywhere (Hillary?).

Indiana State Fair stage collapsed, killing five and injuring countless others. Too sad for words.