Sunday, August 14, 2011

Traveling or Home Frugal Total Body Workout NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED!

General Guidelines:
-Workout for intermediate - advanced fitness enthusiasts looking for weight loss
-Can be done nearly everyday because it is a total body workout
-No breaks between exercises, 30-60s between circuits
-Workout lasts about 45 Minutes, for longer workout repeat circuits or exercises of your choice
Workout: ***Repeat Each Circuit 2 Times***
Do Circuits 1-4 then repeat
Circuit 1:
Jumping Jacks 25 Reps
Mountain Climbers 15 Each Leg
Pushups 15-20 reps
Tricep Dips hands on a bed, couch, etc 15-20 reps
Crunches 25-30 reps
Hip Bridge Hold 15 Seconds
Alternating Heel Taps 25 Reps on each Side
Circuit 2:
Knuckle Close Grip Pushups 15 Reps
Plank with alternating leg raises 6 leg raises on each leg, 1 second hold each time
Tuck Jumps in mountain climber position (start in pushup position, hop feet close to hands, hop back, repeat) 15 Reps
Twisting crunches 15 on each side
Side Plank Hold 10 seconds each side
Circuit 3:
Russian Twists 25 Taps on each Side
Side Planks 10 reps of 1 second holds each side
Pushups with feet elevated 15 reps
Mountain Climbers 15 reps on each leg
Single Leg Hip Bridges 10 on each leg
Bodyweight Wide Squats
Circuit 4:
Alternating Bodyweight Lunges 15 on each leg
Bodyweight Squats 20 reps
Quadripeds (alternating arm and opposite leg raises) 2 second holds 8 reps each
Lying (on back) Bent Knee Raises (ab exercise) 15 reps
Crunches 25 reps
Hip Bridge Hold 15 Seconds

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