Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Workout Outline For Peak Performance Leading Up To High School Soccer Tryouts

Mike Schiemer has personal trained many youth, high school (Medfield High School), and collegiate (Merrimack College and Harvard University) soccer players to maximize their performance both in and out of season.

(Recommendations Based on Appropriate Summer Training, 2.5 Mile Run Test, 100 m Sprint Tests, 200m Sprint Tests, and Traditional Soccer Drills, Scrimmages, etc.)

Obviously the most important thing is all the training you do over the whole summer and prior to that, but the week leading up to tryouts can optimize your performance during the tryouts if done correctly. These recommendations by Mike Schiemer are to optimize rest, speed, power, endurance, agility, and minimize overtraining / injury / and fatigue if done correctly and in conjunction with a comprehensive, integrated, and long term training regimen.

Workouts / Nutrition Before Tryouts:

Day Before Tryouts:
Rest / Very Light dribbling practice, go to sleep early, extra carbohydrates, and water

2 Days Before Tryouts:
Captains's Practice + Stretching, go to sleep early, extra protein, carbohydrates, and water

3 Days Before Tryouts:
3 Mile Jog, 2-3 Sprints After, light dribbling & shooting practice, stretches, extra protein, carbohydrates

4 Days Before Tryouts:
Weight training workout and bike / elliptical high intensity intervals between weight/ab sets, extra protein, carbohydrates

5 Days Before Tryouts:
3-4 Mile Jog, a few sprints after, stretches

If you've been working hard all summer, it will pay off after following this outline leading up to the big tryout days and you will reap the rewards with ideal performance.

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