Friday, August 19, 2011

Yelpstorm: Bad Reviews Swarm Review Site For Anti-Gay New Jersey Bridal Shop

Remember the New Jersey bridal shop whose manager rebuffed a lesbian patron, telling her that her wedding constituted an "illegal activity"? The Yelp review site community has responded with almost 600 shitty comments on the bridal shop's page. Yowtch.
"They don't deserve their business license, and they don't deserve your business," offered Isiah K. Yes, the store currently enjoys a one-star Yelp rating. Another Yelper, Dana B. declared: "Someone capable of such hatred has no place in an industry built on love. Want to defend marriage? Protect it from divorce, infidelity, and boredom. Don't keep two people who love each other from making a commitment in front of their god and their loved ones." This does seem like a seriously cogent argument. What might also be a cogent argument for business sense are the at least 69 1-star reviews that have been posted just today. Some will declare this is a mere orchestrated protest. But for a local business, orchestration can mean castration. One commenter, Dana Q., suggested: "Even before any of that happened, this place didn't deserve more than one star."
Yelp administrators tell CNET that most of the reviews will be removed because they are not about "the consumer's experience at the business."